Tooth enamel tends to wear down as we age, making the teeth vulnerable to decay and damage. Tooth loss is the primary reason older people cannot eat and chew very well. When elderly people lose their teeth, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate and shift, and eventually starts to waste away.

Dentures are an excellent way to restore both the health and functionality of your jaw and teeth. A well-made denture can help you speak and eat more comfortably. Replacing missing teeth with custom-made dentures will also help enhance your smile and overall appearance.

At first, new dentures may feel uncomfortable or awkward, but after some time, you will get used to eating and speaking with them. At Ashmed Dental, we create custom made dentures that are more natural-looking and more comfortable than ever.

You might need to consider dentures if you have:

  • Lost one or more teeth
  • Loose or moving teeth
  • Difficulty chewing food
  • Severe toothache

Types of dentures

We provide the following types of dentures:

Acrylic dentures
Acrylic dentures are made with a polymer material. These dentures are an easy fit as they are easy to alter. Acrylic is a common material used for both partial and full dentures. For denture patients with bone loss, acrylic is generally the way to go.

Metal dentures
A metal-based denture is made of a substantial metal casting rather than acrylic material. Metal dentures are generally used on the lower denture. Lower jaws can be very problematic when they lose teeth. Using a metal denture can add stability to the jaw and may also be more comfortable for the patient.

Flexi dentures
Flexible dentures (flexi dentures) are designed to replace a single tooth or a few teeth rather than a full set of teeth. Most flexi dentures are made from a thin plastic such as nylon, instead of the thicker material used in acrylic dentures. Flexi dentures do not contain any metal parts, so they tend to look and feel a lot more natural than metal dentures.

If you have loose or missing teeth, contact Ashmed dental. We will provide a thorough assessment to determine which dentures are a suitable option for your needs.


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