Paediatric dentistry

As a family-orientated practice, we strive to provide a comfortable and fun dental experience for your children.

From a young age, children should have dental check-ups and cleanings to ensure healthy and functional teeth. A good relationship with their dentist can lead to a lifetime of good oral health choices for your child. Our paediatric treatments are check-ups, and treatments are designed to make your child feel at ease.

We take our time to educate your child on dental care and treatments, encouraging responsibility, and getting them excited and about taking care of their teeth.

Our dentists are highly experienced in providing the best possible care for children with anxiety. We also answer any questions that you or your child have for added peace of mind.

Your child’s dental and medical history is recorded, a comprehensive examination is conducted, and the findings are discussed with you.

The importance of maintaining a good dental health programme is discussed with you and your child to make sure they have a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

Treatments offered at Ashmed Dental specifically for children

  • Dental check-ups
  • Dental cleanings
  • Fissure sealants
  • Fillings specific for baby teeth
  • Education on habits like thumb sucking, dummies etc
  • Dietary education
  • Extraction of baby teeth


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